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I can do the craziest things You dreamed about. Get on board and forgot about world existing around You - this is going to be another dimension. Let me be Your tour guide on this journey.We can never get enough of each other, give us a new idea how we could get even more out of ourselves. I am sexy for you! See me!

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I like to dance, to move my body for you so sex beautiful bold cute kind and fervent be able to do everything

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I'd love to be reading my favorite book when my boy friend comes from behind and me good MY FAQs: 1. What is your bra size? I wear a 34 DD, but I totally feel bigger. Lol. 2. How many piercings/tattoos do you have? Technically I have 10 piercings and 7 tattoos. Including nipple piercings and a star tattoo on my left hip. 3. How big are your gauges/plugs? They've been an 1"1/4 for a long time! 4. Where are you from? I don't like to mention where I'm located exactly, the West Coast, California would be an awesome answer(: 5. Will you meet me in person or give out your real name or location? No. If you happen to figure it out, good for you! But none of that information is needed for F4F sexy time adventures, so please don't worry about my personal life and just stay online to hang out! 6. Do you do private shows and special requests? Yes!!! Anytime that I'm online I would love to do a private show! All special requests that would take some preparation to meet your unique desires, please PM me with the details so we can make your time with me perfect(:

Some of my sexy personal fetishes include neck kisses & anal pleasure. I do like everything in between though! Those are just my favorites, but there's a few things that I don't like during my public chat hang outs! This you must read MAC'S ROOM RULES!!! Please respect my chat room and how I like do things(: Most of all: please do not make requests if you have not tipped for it!!! I do what I please and if you don't like it, you are free to leave my room. Please always be polite and respectful to me, other models, and members of the site. Please do not spam my room or ask a question repetitively! As I like everyone to do when it is their first time in my room, refer to my FAQs below or check out my fan club/photos to help answer obvious questions. PM me anything and everything referring to your personal fetishes/desires for our hang out time(: Anything personal that you would like to share w/ me or show me can be expressed in c2c private chat(including the mentioning of your cock or anything else another obscene body part other people may not want to hear). Our private time is where your dreams come true, don't ruin all the fun in public chat! Please be a sweetheart and never be too demanding in my room. If you get out of hand and have not contributed any sort of tip, you will be blocked immediately. If you would like to talk dirty or ask tons of sexual questions, please just hang out with me in private!!! It will make things much easier for us both!(: Be patient with PMs, I have a life, too, besides being sexy online for all of you! Most of all: Please do not spoil my weekly games by posting answers without appropriate tip required for that game! I will ban you automatically for wasting other peoples time/credits! Keep in mind: I DO know the difference between a real tip vs. a fake tip. Fake tipping is really lame! I will call you out on it and then we all will laugh in your face. Just don't, thanks(:

As lame as it sounds, all my fantasies have to do with 90's boy bands. Hahaha(: I have a huge everlasting crush on A.j. McLean. Besides my nerdy 90's obsessions, which are boring as hell! Don't be shy to tell me what your ultimate kinky fantasies are! I'm here to fulfill all your specific needs and utmost desires. Don't expect too much in public chat though(: There's certain things I will not discuss. On that note: I do not give out any of my personal accounts!!! Please do not ask again and again. We can be awesome friends on the interwebs and you can always be a member of my sexy awesome fan club!!! But other than what services F4F provides, I don't do much interaction anywhere else. If you are to break any of the rules listed on my profile or any other F4F rules, expect major consequences. I may give you a first warning, but if the situation is extreme.I will automatically block you! Please understand that this is my chat room, so my rules at all times! Anyways :D I do not have any toys at this time ): So please check out my WGS wish list linked above and order me the perfect item that can be used just for our hang out!(: As of now: I do not like to show my feet.that's not really my thing, but it might change later. Lol. I will not do any type of masturbation over 2 fingers, but DP I will do if requested(in private c2c only). -Always with appropriate tip presented for all unique requests not mentioned- xx


come into my private room and show Yourself on cam2cam.

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Cum on sexy tits

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